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4th-6th December 2015, Mid Valley

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The SME Show 2015 – ASEAN

Setting the Stage for Success

Setting the Stage for Success Malaysia plays Chairman to ASEAN in 2015. The SME Show 2015 would like to see out the year showing the best that Malaysia and the greater ASEAN region have to offer SMEs.

In uncertain economic climates, SMEs have demonstrated that they are the backbone of most global economies, developing and developed. Many have maintained their momentum, and are fast increasing their capacities and capabilities. This is ever more evident in ASEAN, where a significant portion of the GDP is borne by SMEs.

There is no better time than now to promote your brand to SMEs. Create a stronger presence, reach business owners directly, and provide innovative solutions that address these challenging times. Present your value proposition to entrepreneurs, and build lifelong business relationships that will repay you many times over.

  • A platform for SMEs to discover regional opportunities, exchange ideas, and network
  • A one-stop marketplace for products and services addressing SME challenges
  • An educational forum for sharing, learning, and discovering
  • A complete solution for SME marketers; meet business owners directly
  • A sourcing market for investors, fund manager, and venture capitalists

The ASEAN Connection

SMEs account for more than half of ASEAN GDP. SMEs are found across all industries, accounting for up to 80% of domestic employment. The ASEAN Connection brings a sampling of the vast opportunity available to SMEs across ASEAN. In collaboration with Chambers of Commerce and Trade Missions from across the region, the SME Show ‘15 presents some ready made opportunities for business connections to SMEs ready to make the next regional step.